Tuesday, December 11, 2007

The Best Coach in the NHL is? Dave Tippett

The Dallas Stars were floundering in the standings on November 13th when they fired then General Manager Doug Armstrong, since then the Stars have been on a tear and have moved to 3rd place overall in the league as of this post.

What Tippett has done with this team of average Joe's for the most part is absolutely phenomenal. He has taken a team average skill, with the exception of aging superstars Mike Modano and Sergei Zubov and made them one of the best penalty killing teams in the league and fairly successful team on the power play.

How does he do it. He has a great knack for spotting other teams weaknesses through hours of watching video and finding new and creative ways/systems that take advantage of these weaknesses. Tip is also a great and fearless communicator, he will tell anyone in the franchise from owner to player how he feels and what he expects from them.

If the Dallas Stars can find a way to obtain a high-end goal scorer, they certainly have the coach to lead them to Stanley's Cup.

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