Thursday, December 6, 2007

Philadelphia Flyers are a dirty team and they play rough?????

All of a sudden the Flyers are a dirty, physical team. What a bunch of BS! Ever since the Flyers came into the NHL they have been a big, bad and very physical team. Are you kidding me? Coaches, players, the NHLPA and all of the beat writers in the league just figured this out? Give me a break. At least the Flyers have an identity, their arena is always packed and you know as a player that you played a game after leaving Philly.

When I played Philadelphia was one of my 3 favorite places to play on the road. You know why, I always came out with a black eye or two, a broken nose, some stitches or a chipped tooth. THATS HOCKEY!

To the Flyers, "This Buds for you", keep it up, don't ever change. Finish your hits, drive to the net & never ever sit back and play the trap.

To all of you clowns in the media that just figured out that the Flyers are a nasty team to play against, find a new sport to talk or write about.

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